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 corporate culture

[Business philosophy] Respect for people and the environment. Care for everyone's health and development, pay attention to the ecology and harmony of everyone's living environment, establish leading indoor environment regulation standards of integrated ceiling industry, and create a comfortable and good life for everyone.

[Corporate culture] Establish "standards". To society, Lianxing takes ecological human settlements as its corporate mission and sets up the regulation standard of ecological human settlements in the industry; to the interior, Lianxing strictly requires every employee with 6S management system to carry out the daily work of "sorting out, reorganizing, cleaning, literacy and safety"; to the industry, Lianxing people dare to innovate and not. Never surpass yourself, think about what others dare not think and do what others can't do.

[Brand Idea] Natural, ecological and harmonious. Committed to improving the indoor ecological environment, creating a comfortable kitchen and sanitary life, take the lead in launching OLC Blue Sea strategy in the integrated ceiling industry, building ten ecological regulation systems of indoor environment, arousing the social responsibility of "indoor environment regulation experts", and realizing the brand idea of "good life, upward looking".

[Product Idea] Use-oriented. All activities are consumer-oriented, fully understand consumer demand from the source of product research and development, and take this as the core orientation, guide the whole process of research and development, production, sales and service, and create products and solutions that satisfy consumers.

[Service concept] Five-star service. Aim to be an excellent service brand, create a five-star image of indoor environment housekeeper, compatible with one-stop care-free services, personalized tailor-made services, warm, comfortable, smooth.

[Programme of Action] Beyond Self. To be the benchmark of integrated ceiling industry, to lead the market and consumption trend, we must constantly deny ourselves, surpass ourselves, seek knowledge, keep learning, dare to explore and innovate, and achieve the brand of leader in practice.

1. Emphasizing the Full Implementation of Ecological Ideas

The construction and maintenance of human settlements environment is based on the principles and criteria of ecology. The construction of infrastructure, industrial selection, project design, functional layout, landscape structure, technology application, cultural theme and living mode of the whole environment are all premised on the realization of ecological and economic objectives, which are defined in ecological planning. It is carried out within the control range of the standard system.

2. Emphasizing Systematic Harmony

Harmony between people and the whole system, harmony between various systems, ecological human settlements are not subject to the material environment, not to the need of the material environment to separate people, to build human space; nor is it only people-centered, environment-controlled environment to create, emphasizing the harmony between human settlements and the ecosystem. It emphasizes that the perfect harmony of ecological state, living state and living state in the whole ecological human settlements is the unified structure of urban and rural areas.

3. Emphasizing diversity

It not only protects the diversity and complexity of biology, but also includes the diversity of social organizational structure and class level. It reflects the diversity and comprehensiveness of industries, settlements and construction products in human economic organization activities. In the whole natural ecology, economic ecology and social ecology, these three different circles achieve a perfect harmony. Enterprise Vision: Always take the lead in understanding the changing market environment. Every employee actively challenges the unknown world and becomes an enterprise that can achieve continuous innovation and leap forward development with customers.