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Product Description
     Overview of variable swirl tuyere: It has a long range and a wide range of air supply. The adjustable swirl blade is designed according to the dynamics of the flow body, which can make the air flow form transverse, oblique or vertical direction. It is usually installed on the ceiling or ceiling, and the installation height of the tuyere is higher than 3.5 meters. Winter air supply distance can reach more than 10 meters. Characteristic: This product can be adjusted manually or electrically, and can be adjusted by opening the inner gallbladder cup cover of the tuyere when manually adjusting; the tuyere is a round outer frame couple alloy structure with light weight and convenient installation; the back of the tuyere can be fitted with a circular air valve; such as fan-shaped air valve, two-way round air valve, circular single-leaf air valve, etc., to adjust the air supply capacity; The surface of the product can be sprayed electronically according to user's requirements. Uses: It is widely used in stadiums, airports, exhibition centers, industrial production rooms and other large places.            Seat air outlet, integral material: aluminium alloy/cold-rolled steel sheet stamped, with fan-shaped blades on the back to adjust the air flow. Surface treatment: spraying; Characteristics: seat air outlet, also known as floor swirl air outlet, whose air flow is swirling out. Higher induction rate makes the temperature drop rapidly and the noise is small: It can be installed on the vertical surface of the stairs or on the floor swirl air outlet. On the floor, there was no sign of people moving around. The desk and chair air supply outlet is composed of air supply panel, connecting pipe and sector gate. It has the characteristics of multi-direction air supply and adjustable air volume. Mainly installed in the conference room, gymnasium and other seats under the air outlet settings. Usage: Suitable for the vertical side or floor of stairs in theatres, auditoriums, staircase classrooms, staircase conference rooms, concert halls, cinemas and other occasions.