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Product Description
     Box-type adjustable air outlet            Usage: It has the characteristics of multi-angle air outlet, wide range of air supply, uniform air supply, adjustable wind direction and so on. It is well received by users. Usually installed in the pipeline or environmental protection air conditioner outlet position. It is mainly suitable for terminal air supply of air conditioning and ventilation system. Such as large industrial plant, waiting room, canteen, exhibition center, assembly workshop, etc.            Characteristic: The product has the characteristics of adjustable air supply angle, multi-angle air outlet and 90 blades. Five grades of adjustments are made in the range. Fixed-point air supply is implemented; the outer frame is sprayed with high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the blades are aluminium, and the color can be provided by users; the air supply with low noise is uniform. Beautiful appearance and reliable structure.            Aluminum alloy swing vent            Characteristic: With adjustable air supply angle, the surface blade can be adjusted in five grades up and down in the range of 90 degrees. It can be adjusted unilaterally and bidirectionally, and the inner frame blade oscillates around 110 degrees. The upper and lower ends of the blade are made of tough couple alloy and nylon fittings to prevent noise when the blade rotates. The connecting rod and the connecting parts between the transmission parts and the blades are made of all-metal structure. The concealed transmission connecting rod can work normally under high wind pressure and temperature, which overcomes the perishability and deformation of conventional products. The outer frame is made of high-quality aluminium alloy by anodic oxidation or electrostatic spraying according to user's requirements. The outer frame can be selected according to user's type, and square tube frame and corner frame can be used.            Overview: It has the characteristics of large air supply range, uniform air supply, adjustable air direction, and is well received by users. It is generally installed in