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Product Description
     Suitable for power plants, large and medium-sized industrial and mining plants with ventilation requirements. The ventilation system of steelmaking plant and metro station is an indispensable configuration facility for realizing various environmental control ventilation modes.            Double-deck rain-proof louvers are usually installed on the outer wall as air intake louvers, which have the function of rain-proof and wind-proof to regulate air flow; the profile is made of high strength rare earth aluminium alloy with smooth surface and strong decay, and the standard requirement of GB/T3190-1996 for each index symbol; the vertical frame has drainage monk, and the fixed blade can effectively prevent rain through special design. Water flows into the window; the overall resistance of the shutter is low, the blade runs flexibly, the working temperature range is wide, the strength is high, the leakage is low, and the humidity resistance is high.            Waterproof louvers have the characteristics of waterproof and splash-proof. They are usually installed on mountainous areas as ventilation vents, or in the air return system of basement and engine room.            The water baffle is an important part of the terminal device of central air conditioning. It plays the role of separating air and water. It is suitable for fresh air humidification or waste gas washing and rinsing. Its special function is that the air inlet surface of the water baffle is equipped with several inverted hooks and crosswise changes the direction of air flow, so that the powder of water droplets can be attached to the windward surface, and then concentrated in the inverted hook to effectively isolate water. Air passes through. Characteristics: High strength, light weight, easy installation, durable, unique and reasonable structure. Good dewatering performance!            Self-sagging louvers are used for automatic exhaust in positive pressure air-conditioned rooms. They mainly depend on the natural sagging of tuyere louvers. When the indoor air pressure is higher than outdoor air