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Product Description
The profile square is formed by continuous rolling or cold bending. The installation structure is a special keel clasp mechanism. The installation method is simple and suitable for interior decoration. The product has the functions of penetration, sound absorption and decoration, and has modern fashion and advanced effect. Through the change of panel height, direction, lighting and color, the ceiling will be more transparent and dynamic.

    Material: High-grade aluminium alloy

    Dimension and thickness:

    25 bottom 50 high profile square pipe finished thickness: 0.80mm-1.00mm

    25 bottom 60-80 high profile square pipe finished thickness: 0.90 mm-1.10 mm

    25 bottom 90 high profile square pipe finished thickness: 0.95 mm-1.15 mm

    Thickness of finished product of 25 bottom 100 high profile square pipe: 1.00mm-1.20mm

    Thickness of 30 bottom 50 high profile square pipe: 0.8mm

    Thickness of 30 bottom 60 high profile square pipe: 0.85 mm

    Thickness of 30 bottom 70-80 high profile square pipe: 0.9mm

    Thickness of finished 90-100 high profile square pipe with 30 bottom: 1.10mm

    Surface coating treatment: PVDF (fluorocarbon); PE (polyester);

    Processing technology: continuous extrusion forming

    Specification length: 1000mm-6000mm (surface standard length can reach 6000mm, other lengths can be customized according to demand)

    Colour: Refer to the color card number of Lexingdeli standard (if you have special requirements, please provide PANTONE (Pantone) international color card number customized according to demand)