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Product Description
Change from the details, trapezoidal hanging bars will emerge as a new force of the barrier smallpox, super decorative, luxurious connotation, catering to the trend of modern building materials, more space details into which, to bring a new sense of dignity.

    30x100 Ladder Fangtong Ceiling Series

    Material: 1001,3003 high-grade aluminium alloy; galvanized steel

    Thickness: aluminium alloy 0.6mm-0.9mm; galvanized steel 0.3mm-0.7mm;

    Surface coating treatment: PVDF (fluorocarbon); PE (polyester);

    Processing technology: continuous roll forming

    Specification length: 1000mm-6000mm (surface standard length can reach 6000mm, other lengths can be customized according to demand)

    Colour: Refer to the color card number of Lexingdeli standard (if you have special requirements, please provide PANTONE (Pantone) international color card number customized according to demand)