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Product Description
Airfoil hanging strip ceiling fully incorporates all kinds of decorative factors in public places, considering practical and visual needs; the product is easy to install, material delay is strong, and can form a unique style with various lamps and fire fighting equipment, which reveals the atmosphere in luxury and simplicity, so it is widely used.

    Finished thickness of airfoil of tractor: 0.65mm-0.95mm

    Airfoil height of tractor: 10mm

    Material: 1001,3003 high-grade aluminium alloy; galvanized steel

    Surface coating treatment: PVDF (fluorocarbon); PE (polyester);

    Processing technology: continuous roll forming

    Specification length: 1000mm-6000mm (surface standard length can reach 6000mm, other lengths can be customized according to demand)

    Colour: Refer to the color card number of Lexingdeli standard (if you have special requirements, please provide PANTONE (Pantone) international color card number customized according to demand)