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Product Description
The hanging slice ceiling can adjust the visual height of the house and hide all the pipes and other facilities in Loudi. At the same time it can make the sunlight or light entering the room soft and even. The hanging piece ceiling is composed of aluminium alloy strip and keel which is flexible in assembling and disassembling. Direct insertion type has 75mm 85mm 110mm 100 mm 150 mm spacing fixed on the keel hanging ceiling will not affect the sound absorption of the house fire sprinkler air conditioning system and other facilities installation equipment has multiple colors to choose from.

    75-85 high straight insertion hanging leaf: 0.5mm-0.85mm

    110 high vertical insertion hanging leaf: 0.55mm-0.9mm

    110 straight-inserting special-shaped hanging leaves A and B: 0.55mm-0.9mm