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Product Description
  Combination aluminium grille ceiling breaks through the traditional concept of aluminium grille through the designer's unique creativity and designs a more convenient combination grille for maintenance and installation. Combination grille is a connecting installation system composed of main grille and fused grille. Combination grille ceiling is easy to install with lighting, air vent, air conditioning and spraying equipment. It is convenient for the maintenance and updating of the upper equipment, and does not need special tools to install and disassemble. Applicable to bars, commercial buildings, administrative buildings, airports, subway, etc.      - 1800mm * 1200mm; 1800mm * 600mm size and specifications of composite grille products, flexible and changeable style      High-grade pre-rolled aluminium alloy/polyester spraying treatment material, rich color, durable. Colour: Refer to the color card number of Lexingdeli standard (if you have special requirements, please provide PANTONE (Pantone) international color card number customized according to demand)      Adopting advanced roll pressing and automatic stamping forming technology, the product has high precision and stable shape.      The combined grille ceiling is easy to be combined with lighting, tuyere, air conditioning and spraying equipment to facilitate the maintenance and updating of the upper equipment.

    Width: 10mm

    Height: 30 mm; 35 mm; 40 mm; 45 mm; 50 mm

    Gate thickness:

    Thickness of 30 mm is 0.25 mm-0.4 mm.

    Thickness is 0.25 mm to 0.65 mm and height is 35 mm.

    40 mm high, 0.25 mm - 0.65 mm thick;

    45 mm high and 0.3 mm-0.65 mm thick;

    50 mm high and 0.35 mm-0.7 mm thick;

    The length of grids: 1800 mm; 1200 mm; 600 mm

    Grill specification: 100mm*100mm; 120mm*120mm; 125mm*125mm; 150mm*150mm; 200mm*200mm; 300mm*300mm

    Remarks: 1. Unconventional dimensions can be customized

    Combination of high and low grids

    Main bone width: 4.5mm

    Principal bone height: 43mm

    Main bone length: 1250 mm

    Accessory bone width: 14.5mm

    Accessory bone height: 38mm

    Accessory bone length: 600 mm