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Product Description
  The use of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, special convex structure to form a tower-shaped grille, open space, conducive to ventilation facilities and fire spray layout and arrangement, without affecting the overall visual effect, uniform color, indoor use, 10 years of quality. It is used in public toilets with various concealed projects and dense people flow. It is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation. It can distribute light evenly and make the whole space spacious and bright.

Remarks: 1. Unconventional dimensions can be customized

    Grid size:



    120 mm*120 mm;

    125 mm*125 mm;

    150 mm*150 mm;

    200 mm*200 mm;


    The thickness of the grid is 0.45mm-0.6mm.

    Grille Length: 2000mm