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Product Description
  The grille ceiling system is an open decorative ceiling composed of grille main bone and accessory bone. The grid ceiling system has good ventilation effect, high fireproof performance, simple installation, exquisite structure, rich layers, open three-dimensional effect, beautiful appearance and gorgeous color after decoration.

    Quadrilateral T-bone grille (595 mm x 595 mm);

    Borderless T-bone grille (595 mm X595 mm);

    Thickness of finished product: 0.30mm-0.65mm

    Width: 10mm

    Height: 30 mm; 35 mm; 40 mm; 45 mm; 50 mm

    Gate thickness:

    Thickness of 30 mm is 0.25 mm-0.4 mm.

    Thickness is 0.25 mm to 0.65 mm and height is 35 mm.

    40 mm high, 0.25 mm - 0.65 mm thick;

    45 mm high and 0.3 mm-0.65 mm thick;

    50 mm high and 0.35 mm-0.7 mm thick;

    Customized galvanized iron grille with special size