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Product Description
The V-shape design of the panel has a strong sense of line and integrity and has the beauty of simplicity conciseness and fashion. Surface has a wealth of color and surface treatment options V-shaped buttons and bars with different color matching can make the color more colorful. V-shaped buckles create a sense of space with a sense of orientation full of modern sense different installation systems have different effects of real lines can be optionally matched with closed and seamless installation. Easy and different design effects. The system is simple and practical. Applicable to indoor office public places kitchen bathroom and outdoor smallpox wall decoration.

    Panel Length: 1000mm-6000mm (Standard length of face can reach 6000mm, other lengths can be customized according to demand)

    Small strip length: 1000mm-3000mm (standard length of small strip can reach 6000mm, other length can be customized according to demand)

    Thickness: V-shaped strip 0.5mm-0.75mm 20mm strip 0.5mm