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Product Description
  The smooth plane of the collocation board reflects the fashion sense of touch, and drives the inspiration of modern design. Static ceiling is smooth and stable, can be handled by hand, without any tools, extremely easy; and can be set up sound insulation cotton, to create a perfect sound absorption function. Strong compactness: One-way parallel keel hook structure, which makes keels fold together in order, unique collocation design, the activity between control board and board, to ensure that the gap is more rigorous and smooth. Strong wind-proof, easy to maintain: each board is designed and installed with a wind-proof card code, suitable for outdoor decoration; and this structure for maintenance matching has a unique overhaul design, not only does not affect the appearance, but also ensures the overall beauty of smallpox.

    Finished product thickness: 1.0mm-1.10mm

    Conventional size: 600 mm x 1200 mm, customizable extra size