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Product Description
  This product is a practical and new type of ceilings fastener, including regular polygonal front decoration and the fastening and installation edge below the decorative surface. The decorative surface and the fastening and installation edge are all connected by the step surface transition, and the keel installation and splicing, through the splicing of adjacent steps to form a straight, beautiful groove, so as to make the ceilings. The edge outline of the fastener plate after installation is clearer and more obvious, the stereoscopic sense is stronger, and the visual effect is better. The product has the advantages of saving production cost, convenient installation and fastening, beautiful and durable, and has applied for the national patent.      Patent number of utility model: 200520056435.4      Design patent number: 200530055506.4

    Finished product thickness: 0.80mm-1.10mm

    Routine size: 800mm high x 1130mm bottom isosceles triangle, customizable extra size