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Product Description
     Square ceiling is elegant lively generous delicate in structure various in variety with flawless fireproof and moisture-proof functions easy to clean easy to disassemble and assemble more convenient to repair lines suitable for use in high-grade office buildings clubs banks shopping malls and other places. Various colors and specifications are available.            Product characteristics:            It has light weight high strength and good workmanship.            It has the functions of fire prevention heat insulation sound insulation and moisture protection.            The color is optional soft and smooth and the decorative effect is very beautiful.            The stitching is seamless easy to clean durable and has a wide visual field.            The unit assembly is simple the structure is exquisite the installation is convenient and the construction is environmentally friendly.            The base material is of high quality.            1: Edge Type: Right Angle and Oblique Angle            2: Surface treatment: ordinary powder/polyester powder spraying/polyester paint/fluorocarbon paint spraying/imitation wood grain 3D and 4D wood grain/spinning grain            3: Material: High Quality Aluminum Alloy/Galvanized Steel/Stainless Steel            4: Special size can be customized according to customer requirements            5: Packaging: inner packing with plastic film outer packing with carton

Finished product thickness:0.50mm--0.80mm

Regular size:600mmx600mm、300mmx600mm、1200mmx600mm、可定制非常尺寸