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 Foshan Nanhai Lianxing Profit Development History:

1. Establishment of Lianxing Light Steel Keel Factory in 1992

2. In 1998, the "Tuoli" brand aluminium smallpox was launched.

3. In 2002, he was awarded "ISO Quality Management System" certification.

4. The introduction of "West" aluminium curtain wallboard in 2003

5. 2005 "Lianxing Light Steel Dragon Bone Factory" is now known as "Foshan Nanhai Lianxing Deli Decoration Materials Co., Ltd."

6. Relocation of the new factory of Lianxing Deli Company in 2006

7. Bolihong Brand Ceiling and Integrated Ceiling was launched in 2006

8. In 2008, it won the title of "China's Green Environmental Protection Products", "Quality Reliable Products" and "China's Famous Brand".

9. Achieved CCTV Brand in 2010

10. 2011 GMC Global Quality Supplier